Tuesday 25 October 2016

Dragon Throne is finally here!

This item has been a loooong time coming and I am happy to say it is finally ready for prime time!

This high quality mesh has good LOD and is carved with these glorious dragons in 3d - they are not just flat textures. 

The Dragon Throne comes with an included HUD that gives you six chair material options and 20 velvet fabrics.  This item uses materials best viewed with advanced lighting turned on.  However the textures are optimized to look good even with more modest graphic settings so the highlights are baked in and do not require the viewer to have a top of the line graphics card to see them.

I am taking suggestions for further textures and am considering doing monograms for further customizations.
The Dragon Throne contains over 170 quality animations divided up carefully for ease of use. 
There is something for everyone in there, singles, couple cuddles, hanging out, and female or male dominant.  There are a couple slow dances for right in front of the throne as well as some very comfy cuddles.  From there the intensity is up to you with fetish, pampering and hawt sex.

See it in-world

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