Monday 11 April 2016

New Exclusive item for the ROMP FAIR

The Romp Elegant Kink Fair runs from 15-30 April and I have created an item that will be sold there exclusively until the first of May:


I am really excited to introduce this swing as I have been working on it for quite a while now and it one of my best pieces yet!  It is out at the main store for you to try out, and the sign next to it will give the landmark to the fair once I have set up.

The swings are sold Copy/Mod/No Transfer.
Reg. prices:
Adult Swing: L$ 3999
PG Swing L$ 1999


So buy it before the end of the month and save!
Adult Swing: L$ 2399
PG Swing L$ 1199

The swing is set up with a rezzing system so that if the arbor is moved it will rerez itself and get into the proper position with regard to the rings it swings from.  There are two swings, one is individual sits and PG couples cuddles, the second include all of these these animations but also has lots of adult and kinky 'light bondage' choices in it.

The Adult version comes with both swings in it to allow you to have whichever you prefer out.  The rezzer can be set for anyone to be able to use the button, or you can set it to group or owner only to prevent tampering.

Some poses rez items for you, reading material, smokes, wine, coffee, dildos, cuffs etc.  If your land has the "AvSitter by Code Violet" experience  enabled and you accept the experience, the attachments are automatic and they remove themselves as soon as you stand up - leaving no mess in your inventory.

Both swings come with a HUD that allows you to change all of the wood to any of six colors. There are four choices of vines, and also a no vine setting.  You also have your choice of 10 fabric colors for the swing.

The only trick with the HUD is that in order to make it where the swings always rezz out in the color of your choice (so you do not need to use the HUD each time it rezzes out a new one) you will need to set the color the way you like, take the swing and insert it in the rezzer button.  There are detailed directions how to do this (complete with graphic illustration shown lower right here).

The swing does swing, there is a ~Rock~ button in the top level menus, and also a small on/off button on the right arm of the swing.  Please note that not all poses work well with the rocking turned on - I decided to leave those choices up to the user.  If you experience sim lag or the swing seems to be swinging oddly, the simple fix is to stop and start the rocking.

I will be adding color HUDS (as with the bed) to allow you to update to other other fabrics and colors.  I am also planning some additional add-ons to go with the arbor so be sure to watch for those.

I expect they will be similar to the bondage traps that rez from the trellis.  So be sure to keep an eye out for those.  Add-ons will be separate optional purchases.

It's been blogged!