Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valentine's Sale 50% Off Select Items!

From now until the 14th of February there is a very special sale going on.  I have set up single item gift cards from some of the newest and most popular items at prices up to 50% off! 

These gift cards are more personal than a standard Linden balance gift card because you have chosen the item for them.  The card greatly simplifies the giving and the savings is icing on the cake!  The gift cards themselves are transferable, so you can buy them and give them to your Valentine directly** - there is nothing for you to unpack, no trying to give as gift from a vendor where they might accidentally decline it, no extra steps.  This is it:
  • You buy the transferable gift card at the Dictatorshop store
  • When the time is right give it to your valentine
  • He or she wears the gift card
  • Then clicks the "Buy Now" button (it says buy but pretend it says deliver :-)
  • Their gift is delivered directly to them.  
  • Done.

Here is an example of the gift card you will receive:

**Please note that the delivered items themselves will have their usual permissions (often no transfer) once they are actually delivered from the "buy now" on the gift card.

The gift cards are not refundable, but being transfer you can always gift to someone else if your Sweetheart already has the item.  The cards are *only* good one time, so be careful not to click "buy now" until you (or your Valentine) mean it!

Any questions?  Send a notecard to Dictatorshop Resident.  :-)

Happy Valentines Day!