Friday, 7 December 2018

Frosty Swing

The Frosty Swing has arrived in time for the holidays and winter decorating!

It is for sale exclusively at the Seduction Fair from 7- 21 December 20% off.

The Frosty Swing comes in two versions sold separately:

[Ds] Frosty Swing - PG 

This version rezzes only the PG version of the swing (rezzing happens from the logo button on the back of the tree).  It contains 125 animations with a large variety of individually controlled single sits as well as lots of fun PG cuddles, kisses and socializing.

[Ds] Frosty Swing - Multiversion 

This version has a choice of three rezzable swings inside (rezzing happens from the logo button on the back of the tree).

PG Swing - (same as above)

AdultVanilla Swing - contains over 225 quality animations with all of the PG content as well as lots of fun sex for those not needing the kinkier stuff.

AdultKink Swing - contains over 285 quality animations with all of the above content in addition to some Femdom and Maledom "livingroom bondage" fun.

Please note that this version of the swing is 13 Land impact rather than the 12 of the others, the extra scripts added one.



The Frosty Swing brings a winter element to your decor with rich holiday colors and a festive snowman.

Choose the version of the swing you want from the Dictatorshop logo on the back base of the tree.

The swing will re-rez automatically if the tree is moved so that everything is always properly aligned.

It really ROCKS!  Click the left (as you are sitting) arm to start and stop it, or use the ROCK button in the menu to toggle the rocking off and on.

Auto rezzing props such as coffee, wine and popcorn are great for hanging out.  Naughtier props rezz in the adult swings.  :-)

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Chateau Fireplaces

Both are available exclusively at Cosmopolitan from 18 Nov - 1 Dec and are priced 20% off during the event.

The [Ds] Chateau Fireplaces come in two versions:

Decor Version -
            A simple 8 Land Impact version without any sits in it and only the texture change script.

Bondage Version -
            A 15 Land Impact version with the color change and bondage. 
            This version includes the decor version also, to help you keep them guessing!

TEXTURE CHANGE - get the menu by clicking the Dictatorshop logo on the bottom left inner corner of the fireplace - both versions include

    5 Choices each of stone, metal, and wood
    25 Art prints
The Fireplace is mod so you can add any square image to the center of the picture frame.   If something goes wrong just use the texture menu to put everything back to the defaults.   

PLEASE NOTE: that the Fireplace does not include dominant sits, only one or two submissives.  There are a few reasons for this. First is that it is a simple objectification of the submissive and it allows the subs to be put on display without worrying that someone is going to come along and do more than tease them.  If using any of the Dictatorshop living room sets there are plenty of other ways to get to the sex and interactivity.

   ⁂   PG (5)  - no cuffs, just cute sits, good for hanging out and warming up to play
   ⁂   Twins (8) - if two subs are seated they are put in cute mirrored poses
   ⁂   MantelTied (6) - cuffs but no chains
   ⁂   MantelChained (10) - chained animations
   ⁂   Floor (12) - mostly chained with sub on the floor
When two subs are seated only the twin menu keeps them from overlapping.  But the dominant can pose them individually and I leave it up to him/her to choose poses that dont mash up.  This allows a sub on the mantle and one on the floor, for example.

Full RLV functionality, capture, strip, restrict, timer, etc.  See Blog FAQ for how the settings can be customized to your needs.

If RLV is enabled and sub is captured they are not able to click on anything and cannot change their own poses (or adjust their pose height).

The RLV settings are applied to both subs if two are seated, rather than individually.  There is a small invisible prim on the right bottom of the fireplace base that will show you the RLV info.  It is there out of the way but you are free to move that prim around if desired.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Chesterfield Bondage

 By popular demand I have fleshed out the Chesterfield product line to include a Bondage Cross, Post and Horse!

These items are 20% off exclusively at ROMP until the 24th of November

They only have OMNI versions of each at this time.  The engines are the same that you may have seen in the OMNI versions of the Contempo Bondage items, just the styling is different to give you more options.  These detailed items add sophistication and class to any dungeon setting.

All have texture change from the Ds logo on the back.  There are 5 leathers, 5 metals and 5 woods to match the other Chesterfield and other furniture lines.

The items feature a high quality LOD and baked in materials textures so that they will appear nearly identically at the highest or lowest graphic settings.  No need to set your default LOD to 4 with Dictatorshop products, the default LOD of 2 for SL works just great and you will be able to cam around without things going into ugly triangles - even from a low end PC!

Each of these pieces have menus specific to the gender/dominance combinations -

  • Maledom/female sub
  • Femdom/male sub
  • Femdom/female sub
  • Maledom/male sub

Included: auto-rezzing props, cuffs, spankers, whips, feathers, etc.  The only item not included this way is the Strap-on for the Femdom menus.  I have found that it is best to allow the ladies to use their own attachments since it is difficult to fit the plethora of mesh bodies and shapes out there.

 The new Chesterfield Bondage furniture is RLV enabled if the sub is wearing a relay you can capture them, restrict them, use a timer to lock them in place, strip them, and all sorts of fun things.

Each has its own solo poses for holding the captured avatar in place while the dominant is free to walk around, and role play as they like.  It is best to have the submissive sit first, or capture them using their relays to ensure everyone in their correct role.

The default setting is for the first sitter to be captured on sit - but this can be adjusted in the AVpos notecard if you would rather that it ask rather than capture.


Swan Lake Ladies Chaise

 This lovely ladies chaise is a Bound Box exclusive, meaning the only way to get it is to purchase the Bound Box - until mid next year!

The Bound Box  contains not just this chaise but also ELEVEN other items from other quality creators so even at the post release price it is a good deal.

This chaise features nearly 350 animations with a wide variety of PG & Adult M/F animations as well as a full featured set of Femdom menus, it IS a ladies chaise after all!  But even if Femdom isn't your thing, you will find plenty of sexy sits and lounges for yourself and cuddles and socializing with an equal partner.

In the event that a Femdom menu would make you uncomfortable, simply go into the avpos notecard and remove the two lines that say TOMENU Femdom at the top and half way down and save. The scripts reload and voila no more offending menus.  Alternatively you only remove the second one half way down under SITTER 1 and keep that lil menu showing only for you.... for those little surprise moments!  *wicked grin*  We ladies need our options after all.....

The TEXTURE MENU is available from the logo on the back, or the base it is connected to under the main seat cushion.  This saves you having to cam around behind.  There are five fabrics and you can alternate the pillow colors if you would like more contrast.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Bound Box - November

November is the final Bound Box subscription box and I have a great surprise in store for you so be sure to pick one up at the kiosk by the front door in the main shop

The box will arrive on 12 November with 12 items by 12 different creators.  It is only L$1500 if you buy in advance and the Dictatorshop item alone is worth more than that, so this box will be a steal!

The items are exclusive for six months so this is the only way to purchase them before next May.

Monday, 22 October 2018

The MadPea Hunt is on!!!

The MadPea Hunt is on see link there for details

I have four monsters out and am adding new as they time out so keep checking back for all the points!

The hunt goes until 3 Nov, so don't wait go get the hunt HUD and get cracking!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Vespera Coffin Coffee Table

 The [Ds] Coffee Table comes in two varieties (sold separately) to allow you to pick just what you need.

♛   [Ds] Verve Coffee Table - Adult Vanilla
♛   [Ds] Verve Coffee Table - PG

I had not originally planned for this piece but my customers requested it so here it is, a sturdy table to match the Vespera Coffin Chair and Sofas. 

I always appreciate the feedback so feel free to IM me in world if you have any questions or suggestions on any of my products!  This is particularly true if you find anything that needs tweaking or if there is a hole in one of my product lines that you are aching to have filled.  :-)

♛   [Ds] Vespera Coffin Coffee Table - Adult Vanilla

120 Quality animations:

⁂    SoloFemale
    ⁂   Sit
    ⁂   Lounge (lay)
    ⁂   Dance (on the table)
    ⁂   Diddle (masturbate)
    ⁂   Dildo (masturbate with toy)
    ⁂   MachineF (use Sybian-style rezzing toy)

⁂    SoloMale
    ⁂   Sit
    ⁂   Lounge (lay)
    ⁂   Dance (on the table)
    ⁂   Wank (masturbate)

⁂    Couples
    ⁂   Dance (slow dance on table)
    ⁂   MachineCouple (her on machine with him)
    ⁂   Sex (use him like a "sex machine")

♛   [Ds] Vespera Coffin Coffee Table - PG / Single Sitter

60 Quality animations - single sitter only

⁂    SoloFemale
    ⁂   Sit
    ⁂   Lounge (lay)
    ⁂   Dance (on the table)

⁂    SoloMale
    ⁂   Sit
    ⁂   Lounge (lay)
    ⁂   Dance (on the table)



The logo button and the base part it is attached to are what you click to get the texture menus.
 It is also possible to lock this down to owner only so others cannot access that menu.
All versions use AVsitter and I have enabled the internal helper so that the owner of the furniture can call up the adjustment poles and "dump" any changes out to save back into the avpos notecard so that your own adjustments are permanent.

The metals and woods are controlled separately for maximum flexibility.

Vindustria Decor Bathroom Mirror

By popular request I have created this Bathroom Mirror to go with the Vindustria Bathroom items.  There are no animations inside the mirror, thus the "decor" in the name.

There are six texture options available, just click the glass to get the menu.  If you do not want people changing the mirror just un-link the mirror and the cup will no longer change anything.

It is important NOT to change the description field on the mirror as this will break the texture changing. 

The mirror is in the main shop now, with the Vindustria Bathroom items (left wing as you come in the store).

Weighing in at only 1 land impact and costing only L$95 this mirror is a bargain! 

Monday, 15 October 2018


Welcome to "Goth Season" - to celebrate this wonderful time of year I have put in the extra special effort to create a set of furniture unlike any others in SL. Each piece is designed to be a showcase item to the eyes and all of the ways it can be used.  All are in the Main Store to see, some** can be purchased at events for 20% off this month.  See their pages for details and landmarks.

Vespera Bondage Bed**

Vespera Throne**

Vespera Coffin Sofa

Vespera Coffin Chair**

Vespera Dragon Armoire**

Dragon Throne  (an older piece which has become an honorary member of this product line :-)

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Vespera Coffin Chair

The [Ds] Vespera Coffin Chair comes in three varieties (sold separately) to allow you to pick just what you need.  They are sold exclusively at the ULTRA SHOPPING EVENT from 15 October - 10 November.  Save 20% by buying at the event!

This piece coordinates with other available furniture:

♛   [Ds] Vespera Coffin Chair - Adult Kink/Threesomes
♛   [Ds] Vespera Coffin  Chair - Adult Vanilla
♛   [Ds] Vespera Coffin  Chair - PG

TEXTURE CHANGE: The logo button on the back and the small base it is on (you can see that part from the front so you do not have to camera around to the back) are what you click to get the texture menus.

 It is also possible to lock this down to owner only so others cannot access that menu.  There are "presets" to return everything
 to a default color scheme with one click.  The leather, woods and metal colors can be controlled separately for maximum flexibility.

All versions use AVsitter and I have enabled the internal helper so that the owner of the furniture can call up the adjustment poles and "dump" any changes out to save back into the avpos notecard so that your own adjustments are permanent.

♛   [Ds] Vespera Coffin Chair - Adult Kink / Vampire / Threesomes

Over 280 quality animations  give you the most flexibility and options of any of the Vespera Coffin Chairs.   

PG Couple
   ⁂   CuddleChat
   ⁂   CuddleRomantic
   ⁂   Kisses

   ⁂   Foreplay
   ⁂   Oral4Him
   ⁂   Oral4Her
   ⁂   SexFwd
   ⁂   SexRev

   ⁂   VampireMf
   ⁂   VampireFm

Adult Kink
   ⁂   MaleDom
       ⁂   HangOutMf
       ⁂   DisciplineMf
       ⁂   FootFetishMf
   ⁂   FemDom
       ⁂   HangOutFm
       ⁂   DisciplineFm
       ⁂   FootFetishFm

   ⁂   MFF Cuddles
   ⁂   MFF Sex
   ⁂   GirlPowerFFM

    Girls get the additional individual choices of:
      ⁂     Floor Sit
      ⁂     Floor Lay
      ⁂     Dance4Him

    With the couples poses a third sitter can still be sitting and can use the individual menus (ie dancing) while
        M/F pair use the couples poses.
✖✖ The threesome sits are all coordinated so that no one is overlapping the other sitters.  The individual sits for the male and first female sitter are designed to have minimal interference with each other.  The second female sitter (third sitter) is a bit of a wild card. There are more limited options for the third person and I leave it up to the users to sort out which individual sits work together when they are sitting.

♛   [Ds] Vespera Coffin Chair - Adult Vanilla

Over 140 animations

   ⁂   Individual sits for two

PG Couple
   ⁂   CuddleChat
   ⁂   CuddleRomantic
   ⁂   Kisses

   ⁂   Foreplay
   ⁂   Oral4Him
   ⁂   Oral4Her
   ⁂   SexFwd
   ⁂   SexRev

♛  [Ds] Vespera Coffin Chair - PG


Over 70 quality animations to choose from:

   ⁂   Individual sits for two
   ⁂   CuddleChat
   ⁂   CuddleRomantic
   ⁂   Kisses