Sunday, 8 April 2018

Garden Cart

 The Garden Carts are for sale exclusively and for 20% OFF at COSMOPOLITAN from 8-21 April

It is also in the MAIN SHOP for trying out.

The [Ds] Garden Cart comes in three varieties (sold separately)

[Ds] Garden Cart - Adult Kink OMNI

This version has all the kink and bondage as well as the vanilla sex. It is an OMNI version so it has menus for all gender/dominance combos.  It is a full featured bondage bench and includes full RLV functionality.

Due to menu size restrictions of the AvSitter sit system the Vanilla Sex menus have been split off into rezzable blankets that cover the cart.  Click the cart handle for the menu to change textures or rez blankets.  There is one blanket for each gender combo  (note that the MALE/female and FEMALE/male are the same but both are  included to keep the naming convention of the bondage menus - functionality is the same)

[Ds] Garden Cart - Adult Vanilla OMNI

 This version is an Adult Vanilla OMNI item - so it has cuddles and sex,  but no bondage kink inside.  OMNI indicates that there is something for  all gender combos:  Male/Female, Female/Female and Male/Male.

[Ds] Garden Cart - PG Single Sitter

This version is perfect if you like the style and wish to use the cart as a decor item but are not looking for sex or kink.  There are  27 single sitter animations, centered on the cart so that  you may add plants/decor items on the bench without interfering with the sitter.  It is mod so you can remove the sits too if you prefer an unscripted decor item for your garden.  Texture change is in the cart handle.