Saturday, 10 February 2018

Valentine Heart Bed

Looking for a bit of romance for your bedroom?
Come check out the new [Ds] Valentine Heart Beds - M/F and F/F.  These will be sold exclusively at Cosmopolitan from 12-24 February and are priced 20% off regular price - so only L$ 1996!

This lovely bed has a modest land impact of 18 and comes in 8 colors to best fit your decor.  Use Dictatorshop logo on the back of the headboard to change textures. A white version is included in case you would like to tint it yourself.

The menus in both are carefully divided into logical sub menus to help you get easily to whichever activity you desire without lots of poke poke and guesswork.

There are light bondage menus in these items which rez rope cuffs on the sub but there are no scary chains.  The M/F does have one "rough" sex menu without bondage.

 There are no PG versions of the beds at this time, but I have included instructions on how to hide any menus you do not wish to use for anyone not looking for the kink.