Friday, 2 February 2018

Regal Mirrors

The Fetish Fair is open 2-16 February and I have brought you something extra fun to play with just for the occasion!

Introducing the Regal Mirrors.  A nice match up to the other Regal items

25% off during the Fetish Fair!

The Regal Mirror - Adult Version

The ADULT version comes with two rezzing mirrors inside - the ADULT (kinky) one, of course, but also a PG version for when it is just an ordinary piece of furniture.

The Adult rezzing mirror has a full OMNI bondage cross engine (M/f, F/m, F/f & M/m specific menus) inside, complete with RLV and auto rezzing props.

The PG rezzing mirror has 50 of its own quality animations inside -  single and couples animations, including dances, cuddles and primping.

The mirrors can be told apart as the PG is vertical and the ADULT one is at a bit of a tilt to accommodate the naughty animations inside.

The two different mirrors and color changing can be accessed from the Dictatorshop logo on the lower base behind.

The Royal Mirror - PG Version

The PG version of the mirror is a single piece mirror with all the same things in it as the PG rezzing  mirror above.  This one is great if you like the style but don't need the kink.

The Regal Wall Mirror - PG Version

Since it occurred to me that some folks might like this item as a simple wall mirror I made one of those as well.  The mirror extends all the way to the floor (so more mirror surface than the one on the base) so that you can set it up without worrying about the height from the floor.  Just set it at floor height against a wall and it's good to go.

There are built in camera settings for this (and the PG mirror) to keep your camera out of the wall, just hit escape once or twice when you sit to get oriented.

The wall mirror is only available in PG as a tilt is required for the adult animations.