Saturday, 23 September 2017

Sofa & Swing Updates

Dear Dictatorshoppers,

It came to my attention that there were a few problems in the bondage menu of the Adult versions of the Contempo and Chesterfield Sofas.  For this reason I am updating both versions and I will be sending out updates of the individual sofa and 5 piece set packs right after I post this notice.  If for any reason you did not get yours there is a redelivery kiosk at the Info Desk at the Main Store where you can request redelivery on any copy item you own from Dictatorshop.  The redelivered item will always be the most recent.

I have also gone back and updated the  Secret Garden: Arbor With Adult Swing to version 1.5 so that it has all the auto rezzing cuff features (it didn't have them to begin with).

All other functionality and the PG versions are unchanged and do not require updates.

PS - if you love the engines in these products, be sure to stay tuned for the next announcement of the Driftwood Swing which will be available at the Cosmopolitan event coming up!