Monday, 25 September 2017

Driftwood Swing - Adult & PG

Released as an exclusive at the @ Cosmopolitan shopping event.  This fall themed swing will fit in perfectly with your pumpkins and autumn leaves. 

20% off regular price while @ Cosmopolitan
  • ADULT VERSION - L$ 1196
  • PG VERSION - L$ 640

 The adult version contains 300 quality animations, the PG portion is 130 of that.  The adult swing contains all menus from both, and in fact the adult version will rez both adult or PG swing as you like, giving you all the options.

There are "Individual" menus for two sitters who may control their sits independently from each other.  This gives you freedom when hanging out, one can have popcorn and the other coffee, sitting, laying, whatever.  The props auto-wear (enable the AvSitter experience on your land for best interaction with the rezzables).

Both versions feature an auto-align feature so that if you move the base the swing will re-rez itself so that it is always right where it is supposed to be, no fuss or muss.

The dirt base (3 Li) can be removed or modified to match your land.  The UV map on the texture is very straight so most textures will lay smoothly.  If you do not need the root bumps just remove the normal map for a smooth ground. 

The shadow under the swing is also optional and the included info notecard explains how to make it stop rezzing.

The menus in both pieces are carefully set up to allow natural flow from animation to animation and are divided in ways that even if you do not remember the name of what you are looking for you can find it quickly based on the activity you are seeking.

The adult version has a bondage menu tucked away in there for light bondage play in the outdoors.  Just wrist cuffs, no chains or anything too scary.