Tuesday, 12 September 2017

BETSY - Adult and PG versions

I have been itching to do something "cutesy" and the Elite Lolita shopping event has given me the excuse I needed!  The PG version of Betsy is sold exclusively there until the end of the month.

The PG version is L$ 799 and contains 106 quality animations with solo sits for female and male, it also contains slow dances, cuddles and kisses.

Both versions are only 10 land impact and are sold Copy/Mod/NoTrans.

The Adult version is L$ 1499 and contains 190 animations, all of the PG plus lots more naughiness.  The animations are set up primarily for hetero M/F but there are a couple extras for trans/sissy (indicated with a trans symbol at the start of the name).

Try out the adult version in the main shop.

Unlike Buckley, Betsy does not currently have a hud or other colors.  She is versatile though in that her base and post can be remove/changed in the event you have something special in mind for her.  The base is wider in front due to some of the animations which are posed in front of her, so keep that in mind when changing her.